Ronda Rousey Became The First Woman to Win UFC and WWE Belts… Oh And Don’t Forget Her Olympic Medal…

Say what you like about the WWE. Yes, it’s entirely scripted but it is a testament to Ronda Rousey’s character as an athlete and a martial artist that she has just reached the pinnacle of sports entertainment. Rousey has become the first woman to win both UFC and WWE titles, after claiming the WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

This makes her only the third person ever to successfully claim both. Anyone questioning her willpower must surely be feeling a little silly now because she’s taken to professional wrestling like a duck to water. The former UFC women’s bantamweight champion is back.

Her bout against Alexa Bliss was short and sweet, ending with her shouting: “This is for Roddy Piper.” ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, is one of Rousey’s heroes. The former wrestling legend died back in 2015.


Basically, in full theatrical WWE style, Rousey kneeled in the middle of the ring and seemed like she was meditating. Suddenly Alexa Bliss came up behind her, getting Rousey in a choke hold. Ronda’s eyes were painted with really intense make-up. She stood up and armbarred her attacker – right out of the ring.

Of course, it was reminiscent of the manner in which Ronda tore through 9 opponents in her UFC and Strikeforce days. Even so, it was a little bit anti-climatic. The celebrations lasted way longer than the actual ‘fight.’ That’s the drama of professional wrestling for you.


It marks the highest point of Rousey’s career in entertainment so far. The likes of Paige VanZant will definitely be more motivated to enter the world of professional wrestling now because they know that the WWE will try to make the most of your potential stardom.

Rousey has a big year coming up. As well as holding her title, she stars in Mark Wahlberg’s new film Mile 22, which is out in cinemas this year. She’s on course to become the female equivalent of the Rock.

Lesnar Returns

In other MMA related WWE news, Brock Lesnar dropped his WWE Universal Champion belt to Roman Reigns, effectively confirming his return to the UFC. Assuming he can pass a steroid test, he’ll fight Daniel Cormier early in 2019. Let’s be honest: right now he’s more juiced up than a pineapple.

While Lesnar serves out the remainder of his ban since returning to the USADA testing pool, Cormier is healing up his injuries. That’s set to be the biggest payday of DC’s career, although there has been a lot of controversy about Lesnar’s comeback.

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