WATCH: Roy Jones Jr. Tells Michael B. Jordan He’s Ready to Fight

By Dazzler

Yes… You Read That Right… Creed Actor Michael B. Jordan Has Challenged Boxing Legend Roy Jones Jr. to Fight… And ‘RJ’ Has Accepted…

Michael B. Jordan is having a moment right now. He’s one of the fastest rising leading men in Hollywood, with genuine charisma and drawing power. He has played the part of Adonis Creed with aplomb, injecting new life into the Rocky series, with both the first Creed movie and the newly released sequel achieving critical acclaim.

He was also that rarest of things: an interesting Marvel villain when he performed the role of Erik Killmonger in Black Panther. Now, Jordan has done a very stupid thing and challenged Roy Jones Jr. to a boxing match. Yes, the former undisputed light-heavyweight boxer Roy Jones Jr.

He might be 49-years-old and should probably have retired long before he did, but Jones Jr. is an absolute monster. The first middleweight to ever successfully transition to heavyweight and win a title in 106 years, he has happily accepted Jordan’s challenge.

Bad Move

Jordan did his best to be respectful, but at the end of the day you can’t say anything like that and expect to get away with it, when you’re talking about a man who was once widely regarded to be the greatest active boxer on the planet. Jones once had a record of 49-1, which is pretty astounding, because he didn’t run away like Floyd Mayweather. Jordan told TMZ:

“Roy Jones, that’s my dude, bro … I feel like I could do my thing a little bit. I could hold my thing, right now, but in his prime, nah,” 

Well, he’s got the last bit right anyway. Jordan wouldn’t have been fit to wash Jones’s gloves, let alone take a punch from the man.

Challenge Accepted

Jones Jr. isn’t a man to mess around. Maybe he’s seeing dollar signs, or it could just be that he doesn’t like his name thrown around casually by a guy who has never set foot in a professional boxing ring before. Hitting a few pads for a movie doesn’t count. He responded with a video message:

“First thing is, you know I’ve never ducked a fight in my life. I don’t duck nothin’. Right? So I ain’t runnin’ from nobody. If Michael Jordan wants this for real, contact Roy Jones Jr. and we will make it happen. 

“I know he can’t beat me still. I know he’s probably in better condition because he’s younger, he probably thinks he could go longer, probably thinks he might even be able to out-whoop me, but I’m an old school vet.”

Wait and See

Somehow we don’t think this is going to happen, but there’s definitely some unscrupulous promoter out there – cough Oscar De La Hoya cough – who would be willing to get involved and make this happen. Or even get the two of them in a gym, put on gloves and go ten rounds on Youtube. You’d definitely get people watching.

It would still be more exciting than Tito Ortiz v Chuck Liddell III.