Khabib Nurmagamedov Has Been Getting Into It With Nate Diaz on Social Media… ‘The Eagle’ Has History With the Younger Diaz Brother and the Pair Have Been Going Back and Forth on Twitter…

Is there any fighter more feared in MMA today than Khabib Nurmagamedov? With an undefeated record of 27-0, including 11 straight victories in the UFC, the lightweight champion is an absolute monster. He’s literally lost one round in those 11 UFC fights, and that’s because he decided to take the gas off and get his breath back against Conor McGregor.

When you’re as seemingly invincible as the Dagestan native is, it is very difficult to beat him with trash talk or social media nonsense. Conor McGregor found that out the other day when Khabib reminded him of his brutal beating. Now Nate Diaz has received the brunt of Nurmagamedov’s ire, after stupidly getting involved.

The pair has a history, and Khabib was quick to remind the Stockton fighter that he’s a ‘punk.’ See the full exchange below.


Let’s give this some context first. Khabib and Diaz both have histories of getting into stupid brawls at events. UFC 229 and Strikeforce: Nashville immediately springs to mind as two of the most infamous incidents. However, back in 2015, they had a run-in with each other at World Series of Fighting event

Since then, the pair has had bad blood. Both of them were there in support of their fellow teammates, and it all kicked off. Ever since Diaz has always sided with McGregor when it comes to antagonizing Khabib online. This isn’t the first time it’s happened either.


After McGregor and Khabib went back and forth last week, Nate Diaz decided to get involved for some reason. That’s despite having not fought since 2016 when he lost a very close decision to ‘The Notorious’ in their rematch. He brought up their WSOF brawl and Khabib was quick to shut him down, proving that his Twitter game is as relentless as his wrestling. Diaz wrote:

“I slapped you in your head you and your team didn’t do sh*t …Live with that ur all pussies.”

“You was hiding behind security and ran away coward, it’s clear on the video. We just smashed your team that night you punk,” replied Khabib.


Now an even more interesting story has come to light with Dana White revealing that Nate Diaz actually turned down a fight with Nurmagamedov. As we said, Diaz hasn’t fought since 2016. He was set to return against Dustin Poirier, however, that fell through when ‘The Diamond’ got injured. Diaz tried to bully the UFC into opening a 165lb division and getting him to fight for the title, but the promotion wasn’t biting.

The problem that he faces is that time is passing him and his brother Nick by. They’re overestimating their value to the organization, especially considering the amount of time they’ve spent outside the octagon. Take a fight and win it. Then all of a sudden your bargaining power increases. Diaz has a poor record against wrestlers. A fight against Khabib would on paper be his worst nightmare.

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