10 Times MMA Fighters Got Their Teeth Knocked Out

Cuts, bruises and broken bones will eventually heal, but when a fighter gets their teeth knocked out in the cage it’s a permanent reminder of just how brutal the sport of mixed martial arts can be.

From a single tooth to a whole collection of pearly whites, in this article we’ll look at the brutal ways in which these 10 MMA fighters became separated from their chompers in the cage.

Andrei Arlovski vs. Anthony Johnson

Before he returned to the UFC in 2014, Andrei Arlovski was plying his trade for a while in the WSOF promotion, and during that period he came up against Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson, who was at the time not far removed from competing at welterweight before balooning up to heavyweight.

However, despite the huge jump in weight Johnson still packed an incredible punch as Arlovski soon found out firsthand when they fought at WSOF 2 in 2012.

late in the first round ‘Rumble’ connected with a crushing right hook that momentarily floored Arlovski and then put him down with another just shortly afterwards.

As a result Arlovski was left with a broken jaw, and his teammate Travis Browne recalls scooping one of ‘Pitbull’s’ teeth off the canvas in-between rounds.

Remarkably, despite the damage Arlovski would fight on for the full three rounds, though ultimately lose out on the scorecards.

Adding insult to injury, it would later be brought to light that the timekeeper for the fight had made a huge blunder, letting the first round run on for an extra eight seconds, during which time both of Johnson’s brutal punches had landed.

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