Do Not Get in Trouble in Thailand… It’s Got One of the Toughest Criminal Systems in the World… Here’s What Happened to Some Local Boys Who Were Taught a Violent Lesson…

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has glorious beaches, incredible forests, mountains and wildlife, and the people are some of the friendliest in the world. They’ve also got delicious food. We’re big fans of Thailand at Scrapdigest.

However, you do not want to get in trouble in this country. It’s entirely true that the justice system is harsh. If you’re caught smuggling drugs into the country you can potentially be sentenced to death. Their prisons are not the coziest places in the world either, with squalid overcrowded conditions, rampant violence, and disease common.

Some criminals don’t even get that far. Watch the footage below and see what happened when some random street thugs were sentenced to fight professional Muay Thai fighters, as punishment for their crime. Great idea.

YouTube video

Harsh Punishment

Ok so this footage is a couple of years old, but it’s been doing the rounds recently. It was taken in Buriram City, Thailand, where a local politician was fed up with the rampant violence and destruction that kept happening during the Thai New Year (Songkran). So he decided to deal with it in a unique and creative way.

Instead of carting troublemakers off to jail, he directed that they would be forced to fight a professional Muay Thai fighter. We’re not exactly sure how one random politician can just do that, but we’re down with the creativity. From the footage above, it’s very obvious who is the pro fighter and who is the victim. It’s a violent lesson that these men will never forget.

YouTube video


It’s a truly brutal way of punishing people. Muay Thai is known as the art of eight limbs, and the pro fighters use all their tools, including elbows and knees from the clinch. Their victims are helpless against their highly-trained aggressors. This really isn’t fun.

Not only is it extraordinarily violent, but it’s also incredibly humiliating. The last guy literally stops putting any effort in as his feeble opponent backs away from him. There’s nothing they can do to protect themselves in front of a massive crowd baying for blood. Five thugs were forced into the exhibition, and you can watch footage of the selection process above.

Screenshot: Youtube.


Songkran takes place from April 13-15. It’s one of the hottest periods of the year, so people look forward to throwing water at each other to cool off. Not these guys though. They really felt the heat. However, these guys were lucky. Across the nation, over 2926 people were injured that year, while 277 died.

The justice system is definitely very different from the western world. Imagine if this was to happen in the US. You could be forced to spar with the likes of Derrick Lewis or Jon Jones. A prison sentence might be a better option. Which would you prefer?

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