Fight in Muay Thai they said, it would be fun they said. This dude’s nugget explodes when he catches a monster elbow…

Muay Thai, the deadly art of the eight limbs, is known for producing some of the most exciting and also painful finishes in combat sports history. The ability to use the elbows, kicks, knees, punching and standing grappling makes Muay Thai an extremely popular sport.

One fighter who’s been taking the sport by storm is Gaston ‘The Dream Killer’ Bolanos, and his favorite attack is the spinning elbow. He throws it at will and has been taking fools out like nobody’s business lately.


The subject of today’s article is a particularly graphic finish that Bolanos delivered during an AXS televised Muay Thai fight. He won the AXS TV ‘Rising Star’ award for the harrowing finish, which can be seen below in the highlight reel:

YouTube video

“I’ve always been doing spinning back elbows,’ Bolanos told My Muay Thai, ‘Since I’ve become a pro I’ve been doing them more and been slicker doing them. It’s more safe to throw them. Now that there’s no elbow pads, I can throw them with a little more damage, as well.”

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