Dude Threatens MMA Fighter With Bottle, Learns Very Hard Lesson

When you decide you are going to mess with someone, you better make sure they aren’t a professional fighter first, because even that glass bottle won’t help you. MMA fighter vs street fighter with weapon video…

It used to be that if two gentlemen had a difference, they could take it outside or to the boxing ring and settle their beef with fists only. Now days it seems like grabbing a weapon to up the chances of victory is commonplace.

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It’s a sad fact, but people would apparently rather do permanent damage to their advisory than run the risk of taking a beating, or even getting punched at all. The subject of today’s article is a prime example of when acting tough with a weapon goes terribly wrong.


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The subject of today’s article is not only a well known gangbanger and backyard brawling buddy of Kimbo Slice, but he’s a professional MMA fighter too. Known as ‘Level,’ real name Rene Martinez, he holds a professional mixed martial arts record of 6-1, including a submission victory over boxing legend Ricardo Mayorga.

In case you don’t know who level is, here’s some of his handy work:

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So what happened when a wanna-be gangster threatened Level with a bottle in a tattoo shop recently?

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