WATCH: Tony Ferguson Puts Striking Clinic on Donald Cerrone

By Darren
WATCH: Tony Ferguson Puts Striking Clinic on Donald Cerrone

Give This Man a Title Shot… Tony Ferguson Took Donald Cerrone Apart in the Second Round of Their Main Card Fight in Chicago… That’s Twelve Wins in a Row for the Former Interim Champion… 

It’s a terrifying time for MMA fighters when you can win twelve fights in a row and still not be guaranteed a title shot. Tony Ferguson tonight proved why he is possibly the most dangerous lightweight on the roster, with a fantastic display against Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone.

This fight ended controversially which is a shame because in the second round we saw ‘El Cucuy’ at his absolute best. The 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu black belt put on a striking clinic against Cerrone, who just couldn’t get to grips with his pressure and dynamic attacks.

Unfortunately for ‘Cowboy,’ the fight was stopped after his eye blew up and totally closed. This came after a punch late after the bell for Ferguson, which definitely tarnished the end of the fight. Check out the highlights of this enthralling contest below.

People’s Fight

This fight was billed as the people’s main event and it was given that status with a stadium blackout in Chicago as they walked out. For Cerrone, this was a chance to put an end to finish his career renaissance by gaining a title shot against Khabib Nurmagamedov or Dustin Poirier. Ferguson knew that this was a dangerous fight to take, as he looked to make his claim for the belt undeniable.

You could feel the tension in the air as they walked out. This fight started fast and hard with both men throwing down. Cerrone is known for starting slow and building up momentum through the later rounds. Ferguson gave him no chance to do so. The first round was fairly even with both men having their moments. Ferguson’s movement troubled Cerrone, who had his own success with straights.


The second round was absolutely sensational for Ferguson. He took Cerrone apart, landing at will. While his shots didn’t appear to be the most powerful, they were clinical and consistent. He landed excellent spinning elbows, slicing Cerrone’s face and swelling up ‘Cowboy’s’ face.

‘Cowboy’ didn’t know how to deal with one of the most eccentric fighters on the entire roster. Nobody fights as Ferguson does. He landed at will, giving Cerrone a lot of problems and it looked like the third round was going to be either very long or very short for ‘Cowboy’.


Unfortunately, we never got that round three. First, there was controversy after Ferguson landed a right hand to Cerrone’s nose straight after the bell. The referee gave him a warning, calling it ‘dirty.’ It was and definitely disappointing from ‘El Cucuy.’

Then after Cerrone stood up from his stool he made a fatal error. He blew his nose and then, straight away, the swelling around his right eye closed and he was unable to open it. A look of horror crossed his face and the doctor was called in to check him out. To the fury of the fans, who disgracefully threw ice into the octagon, and the intense disappointment of Cerrone, the fight was waved off.

The commission was asked to look at the video replay to make sure that Ferguson’s illegal late attack had not been the cause of the damage. It wasn’t and the win went to ‘El Cucuy.’ Let’s hope he gets that title shot now and this isn’t held against him. A rematch with Cerrone isn’t out of the question either.