WATCH: Tyson Fury is Robbed in Draw With Deontay Wilder

By Dazzler

Tyson Fury Was Putting on a Boxing Masterclass Before He Got Smashed to the Floor By a Blistering Right Hand From Tyson Fury…

“One of these two champion’s zero is going to disappear.” That was the narrative coming into this fight as Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury drew after a very controversial decision, where ‘The Gypsy King’ appeared to have to have done enough.

Tyson Fury lost over 100lbs to get himself back into fighting shape to take on ‘The Bronze Bomber’. His story is one of the most astonishing and inspirational in the history of the sport, as he came back from depression and the point of suicide to get back fighting fit.

Fury put on a masterclass of movement and defensive boxing, with the overwhelming majority of analysts and fans believing Fury had done enough to get a decision. Showtime pundit and former welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi has said that the judges should never again.


As a fighter, Tyson Fury possesses some of the most unique skills in the division. Wilder was 40-0 coming into this one, with 39 knockout wins. However, he had never faced anybody with Fury’s footwork and ability to move like a middleweight. Quite frankly he’s a freak of nature.

Fury did exactly what he did to Wladimir Klitschko, frustrating Wilder, who was unable to let loose with his cannon of a right hand. He asserted his will over the fight, keeping the Alabama fighter at length, with everything going smoothly until the ninth round. Then a right hand clipped him behind the ear as he was ducking, earning Wilder the knockdown.


Fury came back strong again in the tenth, letting his hands fly with more speed and conviction as Wilder began to tire. It was an excellent response to the blip of a 10-8 score in the previous round. The eleventh went much the same way, as both the crowd and Fury felt like he had done enough to get the win across the line. All he needed to do was survive one round.

It went to the twelfth and this is where one of the most insane knockdown sequences we’ve ever seen happen went down. Fury was absolutely melted with a steamroller of a right hand from Wilder and looked for all the world like he was KOed. The referee did the countdown, and then suddenly like a light switch was flicked, Fury was back on his feet looking unfazed. He went after Wilder, who backed off, happy to get another 10-8 round.


This was definitely a controversial decision. The Showtime hosts were unanimous in scoring the fight to Fury, as were former champions like Floyd Mayweather, Andy Lee and Lennox Lewis. As you can see from the picture above, Wilder was celebrating the draw, while Fury looked dejected. It was the wrong decision, and the judge that scored the round 115-111 should be lined up against a wall and repeatedly punched in the head by Deontay Wilder if he loves him that much. Fury said in his post-fight interview:

“We’re on away soil, I got knocked down twice, but I still believe I won that fight. I’m being a total professional here. I went to Germany to fight Klitschko and I went to America to fight Deontay Wilder. God bless America. The ‘Gypsy King’ has returned.

“I’m what you call a pro athlete that loves to box. I don’t know anyone on the planet that can move like that. That man is a fearsome puncher and I was able to avoid that. The world knows I won the fight.”