WATCH: Tyson Fury Puts On Savage Two Round Masterclass

By Dazzler
WATCH: Tyson Fury Puts On Savage Two Round Masterclass

There Was No Upset This Time… Tyson Fury Came in and Did His Job… He Blasted Through His Hapless German Opponent Tom Schwarz in Just Two Rounds… 

Tyson Fury did say that if he lost to Tom Schwarz he didn’t deserve to be called a boxer. Well, the British lineal heavyweight champion proved that he’s technically one of the best in the world with a masterful display against his German opponent in Las Vegas. Schwarz didn’t stand a chance.

Despite being a heavy favourite there was some slight pressure put on Fury after Anthony Joshua’s massive shock loss to Andy Ruiz two weeks ago. There was an appetite for something similar to happen to the UK fighter, but this time there was nothing doing. Fury proved that when an elite boxer’s mind has focused the gap in class between very good and great is just too much.

Check out the highlights of a short night’s work against Schwarz in the MGM Grand. Fury will move onto a rematch against Deontay Wilder next.


Some are saying that Tyson Fury is the slickest and fastest heavyweight boxer since Muhammad Ali. Now that’s a massive comparison, but look at how good his head movement is in the clip above. Schwarz is throwing haymakers at the Gypsy King’s head and not one of them lands.

Fury did all the right things in Las Vegas. He came out dressed like Uncle Sam, the same way Apollo Creed did in the Rocky movies. He looked lean, focused and ready to ignite the biggest year of his life so far. While Schwarz probably had no right being in the ring with him, this was all about showcasing Fury for his first fight on ESPN.


If it was a showcase they wanted, it was a showcase they got. Schwarz came out heavy in the first round, but couldn’t make any of his punches count. Fury isn’t renowned for his knockout power, compared to his rival Deontay Wilder, but he has the ability to step the attack up and he made it count. By the second round, Schwarz had had enough and his corner threw in the towel.

“I got a big man out of there by switching it up. He caught me with a couple but you can’t go swimming and not get wet,” said Fury. “I came here to have fun and enjoy myself. I don’t take it too seriously. I thought I put on a good show and the fans got what they paid for.”


Now it’s all about the rematch with Deontay Wilder. That’s the fight the fans want and it should happen in early 2020. However, it is highly likely that Fury will have one more match against another opponent before then. This means that it will go down after Anthony Joshua’s proposed rematch with Andy Ruiz.

“Wilder’s team want to make it happen,” said Fury’s promoter Frank Warren. “Everybody wants to make it happen and it will happen.”

It better happen.