Top 20 Worst Eye Injuries In MMA History

By ross
Top 20 Worst Eye Injuries In MMA History

No matter how hard you train or how tough you are, the eyes remain the most vulnerable part of the human body – a place where even a grazing blow can take the fight out of the toughest men on the planet.

In this article we’ll take an extensive look at the worst eye injuries ever witnessed in the history of MMA, and if you’re squeemish then you might want to look away now as there’s some extremely graphic pictures below.

Matt Mitrione vs. Travis Browne

Matt Mitrione had absolutely no luck when he fought Travis Browne in the final fight of his UFC deal in 2016.

During the bout, Mitrione was accidentally poked twice in the eye by Browne, leaving him essentially unable to see out of that eye due to double vision, but the referee never punished his opponent for this violation of the rules.

Mitrione opted to continue fighting, and that proved detremental to his well being as his obscured vision enabled Browne to land another punch that would break his orbital bone and require surgery to fix.

The fight ended by TKO and Mitrione was left with one of the most horrific haemetoma’s ever seen inside the Octagon.