The hype behind Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz has been on full speed ahead this week. After the promotion released the full ‘Bad Blood’ promo earlier this week, fans were once again baying for blood.

The entertaining rivalry started at UFC 196. Diaz stepped in on just 11 days notice to submit McGregor in March, and it’s been chaos ever since. ‘The Notorious’ was handed his first loss in a blaze of bloody violence.

UFC 196: McGregor v Diaz

Don’t Believe The Hype?

Nate Diaz certainly did not believe the hype. There was more money being spent on Conor McGregor’s promotion than most fighters make during an entire career. Playing the role of ultimate spoiler, Diaz became a massively famous anti-hero after the win.

Taking out the promotion’s golden boy on less than two weeks notice was impressive enough. Add in the instant classic post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, and you can see why the UFC wanted the immediate rematch.


Was The Beef Over?

Of course the rivalry never died, that wouldn’t be good for business. That said, Diaz and McGregor had been rather quiet over the last month. There’s been plenty of interviews and promo videos, but the hatred seemed to have simmered down.

Until the crazy UFC 202 pre-fight press conference…

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