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Road rage is a truly bizarre thing. It leads people to do things that are completely out of their usual character. What we might just see as a street fight between two people who disagree on something, is actually a far more deep and subconscious event.

Road rage often begins long before the subject has even entered the vehicle, and is brought to the surface by ‘intensifiers.’ These factors can include overcrowding on the road, erratic driving by other road users, too much noise inside or outside the vehicle, or even too much heat.


Experts on the subject of road rage also believe that people who are prone to it are also used to being aggressive in other parts of life. Perhaps they practice some form of adrenaline fuelled sport, they have or are the cause of domestic violence at home, or have seen combat in the field of police or armed forces.

Whether it’s their fault or not, road rage is something that can be controlled through various different practices. On the flip side, when it doesn’t prove to be fatal, road rage incidents can provide some rather classic viral videos.


Take the subject of today’s article as a prime example of road rage. If you study the clip carefully you will see both the tell tail signs of road rage about to happen, and when it does, all hell breaks loose for the aggressor.

Continue to page 2 for the video and check out the key signs that things are about to explode, and how you could avoid a similar kind of situation…

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