Top Five Most Explicit Post-Fight Interviews

For some reason swearing in post-fight interviews is something that is completely unacceptable in combat sports, except if you are one of the Diaz brothers.

In a post-fight media conference after UFC Fight Night 62 Dana White mentioned that the only thing he asks fighters not to do in their post-fight interviews is swear.  Fighters can call out whoever they want so long as they don’t swear when they do.


Boxing also has taken a strong stance against fighters swearing in post-fight interviews and will even suspend big-name fighters for the offence. Yet somehow Nate Diaz does it all the time and nobody says anything.

A few notable omissions on this list include the time Mike Tyson mentioned wanting to eat children and giving praise to Allah, as there actually was no profanity in that interview, just a lot of violent gibberish.  Same goes for Brock Lesnar’s UFC 100 rant, no actual profanity.

Of all the times it has occurred here are the top 5 explicit, profanity laced post-fight interviews.

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