Even some so-called “legendary” fighters have had losses so embarrassing that most of their fanbase usually wants them to retire afterwards, and its those losses that the following article celebrates.

The losses on this list are evaluated based on how far the fighters stock or marketability fell afterwards.  So for instance Luke Rockhold’s loss to Michael Bisping won’t be found on this list because its not as though people no longer think Rockhold is a good fighter, he just had a bad fight and got clipped.  On the other hand some fighters have come out of big-time fights or rivalries looking clearly inferior to their opponents, and it damaged their reputation greatly.

A notable omission here includes Chuck Liddell’s later fights.  While heavily considered for this list, in the end the feeling was that Chuck was still very respected after his last few fights, its just that his chin could no longer withstand being punched.

Here are MMA’s 5 most Embarrassing losses

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