When trying to justify your racist beliefs to a group of people, always keep your guard up…

During an intense year for the United States of America, political and racial tensions have risen. Although far from the madness of the Los Angeles riots in the 1990’s, America is experiencing some testing times right now.

Obviously, this isn’t great for the country as a whole, but there are some perks. Coming out of their caves and from under their rocks, racists are starting to have more of a presence in the USA. This in itself is bad, terrible in fact, but how they are dealt with can be amazing to watch.

‘Instant karma’ is a phrase thrown around all too often in this social media age. Today’s article is the exact embodiment of that phrase. White supremacy is a notion that needs to be squashed into the ground, crushed without mercy.

The Story

As you can see from the screenshot above, the Nazi armband sporting d*ck is attempting to spew his hatred in a public forum. Perhaps foolishly, our Hitler-heiling protagonist is talking his game to a group of black guys.

When you represent a group that specializes in the marginalization and genocide of ‘weaker’ races, you should probably not do what this guy does. On the other hand, if you want to get sucker punched into another dimension, go ahead.

Here’s what happened when mini-Adolf attempted to argue about welfare with a group of black dudes:

YouTube video

Straight to The Moon!

Surprisingly, this isn’t the only video of a racist douche getting clobbered on the internet. Next up we have an irate Indian gentleman who apparently hasn’t been socially adjusted during his time in America.

Although his argument might be justified, it’s how he voices his opinion that’s an issue. He appears to be irate at a group of young men who are hanging out on the corner. That’s not the major problem, though, as he starts to lose his mind.

While surrounded by black men and women, the angry Indian starts to refer to the youths as ‘black motherf*ckers.’ His argument about this group of gentlemen may well be with good reason, but you can’t stand around shouting things like that without facing some sort of violence in return.

Once he starts to get a little too heated, the shouting angry man gets clobbered. Watch as the justice is served, again with a one-punch KO:

YouTube video

Finally, let’s take a look at another social justice getting served. This time, it’s one of those ‘deadly knock out’ games gone wrong. Sadly, the man responsible for this failed attempt doesn’t get knocked out himself, but he does suffer a busted and bleeding face.

Another worthy point from the following video, the cameraman deserves a beating too. He’s obviously in on the whole stunt. Once things go wrong for his buddy, notice how the coward doesn’t even jump in. He simply stands back and records his homie getting his sh*t wrecked.

All the same, it was fun watching this sucker punching douche get wrecked:

YouTube video

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