Boxing has been considered by many as one of the oldest sport in the world. One piece of equipment that keeps on evolving as time goes on is none other than the glove itself. It is one that protects the opponent’s health and also the boxer’s hand from breaking. At the end of the day, boxing is a gentleman’s sport, so safety is still of top priority.

So we look at the gloves you should consider buying if you are training or just about to train. Boxing is one of the best workouts out there, mainly because it is fun and you are more healthy doing it. Not only that but you also learn how to defend yourself when trouble arises.

Winning Boxing Gloves

You cannot go wrong when buying this type of glove, probably the best glove money can buy. A lot of young and upcoming boxers that have the capacity to spend use this glove. Even though it is really expensive you can get your money’s worth. The Winnings brand is made in Japan so you might as well be assured that their quality is among the best. Not all people are willing to spend around $300-400 for just a pair of gloves but if you are serious with your training, it is a great investment.

Cleto Reyes

One of the famous boxing gloves brands right now, mainly because they have great technology and support. Although for those buying this glove, one should be aware that this glove packs a punch. It may be due to their padding style that some say it hurts when getting hit with this glove. One of the famous boxers that use this glove is Manny Pacquiao, it raised issues during his first fight with Morales. Pacquiao and Roach said they wanted Cleto Reyes gloves rather than Winning which may have factored into the loss. Cleto Reyes originated in the country of Mexico.

Twins Boxing

Hold on now, you might think that Twins is a Muay Thai glove but it is still a great glove and a much cheaper option but does the job. It is one of the most well-known gloves, especially for Muay Thai practitioners. They are known for their price and durability that lasts for a long time. Their velcro style holds the boxer’s hand quite well. Twins originated in Thailand.

Ring to Cage

Probably the Winning’s cheaper alternative if you ever want something as close to a Winning’s glove. It may have been a lower quality compared to a Winning but the price difference is also a great thing to consider. Not everyone can spend huge amounts of money on a glove if they are just using it in workout routines. This is also a great glove to buy if you wanna know is it worth it to spend more on a boxing glove.

Hayabusa Boxing Glove

One of the unique-looking gloves on the list, a lot of boxers like to use this glove mainly because of his wrist comfort. It prevents possible injuries in throwing a punch, although we cannot avoid injuries using better gloves lowers the chances. The padding features a 5 layer foam so your hands are well protected.

It is also worth noting that there are different types of gloves like velcro or laced. Most boxers use velcro for training since it is easy to remove and put on. As for laced, it gives a great tight-fitting, you usually see it on official fights. Another to consider is will you use the gloves for sparring or heavy bag, as the weight of the gloves also matters. Don’t forget to also use hand wraps as it is also an important gear to protect your hands.

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