Top 8 Craziest Freak Show Fight Videos You’ll Ever Watch

Throughout the history of MMA, there have been some insane match-ups. Join us as we go back and take a look at some of the Pride, UFC and K-1 fights that were just freak show all over…


you’ll see that experience and weight didn’t have much to do with a match-up decision. That didn’t stop people from stepping into the cage.

Some of these fights are David vs Goliath, while others make you wonder what the promoters were thinking. Find out what eight crazy match-ups made the cut.


8. Chad Sermon vs Brian Kerr

This amateur fight had to make the list because, well, see for yourself. At Hardrock MMA 43, Chad Sermon took on Brian Kerr. It’s hard to say what this guy was thinking when he stepped foot into the cage, but it looks like he learned his lesson.

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