In a recent Instagram post, Khabib seems to claim that Kamaru Usman is with the top 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Many consider were arguing whether Jon Jones or Kamaru Usman is the best fighter in the world in terms of pound for pound, well the former lightweight champion seems to favor Usman should be at the top.

UFC currently ranks Jon Jones as the pound-for-pound king despite not fighting for more than a year, not only that but most ended in a close decision. Many even saw Dominick Reyes winning the last fight. Yes, Jones may have not lost but he is also not a current champion because he chose to relinquish it.

Meanwhile, Usman has beaten top 1-4 fighters, and most ended in spectacular fashion. During his rise, Usman was called a boring fighter because they see him as stalling time and winning the fight on control alone. Kamaru Usman simply focused on improving his craft especially his striking department, now he is just knocking guys out left and right.

If Jones somehow becomes the heavyweight champion, then yes Jones might have a better argument but due to inactivity and close decisions, he does not deserve to be called the best fighter in the world for now. Do you agree with Khabib’s take that Usman is the best fighter in the world?

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