It’s been awesome to see former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson in the media a lot more lately. His most recent appearance happened yesterday during the Superbowl….

Mike Tyson, the most feared heavyweight boxer of the late 80’s and 90’s, has seen both the highs and lows of the sports world. Once the greatest heavyweight knockout artist on the planet, ‘Iron Mike’ experienced plenty of the troubles that come hand in hand with being a young superstar.

He was the youngest ever heavyweight champion when he won the title his idol Muhammad Ali once kept, and his reign of fear included some seriously scary finishes.


His troubles didn’t end when his career ground to a halt in 2005 with a TKO loss to Kevin McBride. In fact, the worst was yet to come for the boxing legend. Tyson admitted he almost killed himself when he fell in to depression and alcoholism after his retirement.

We didn’t see or hear much from the ex-heavyweight king for some years, but recently he’s been rejuvenated. His one man show on Broadway has been a massive success, and a recent ad featuring ‘Iron Mike’ blasting a heavy bag showed him in the best shape since his prime.

At 49 years old, it seems Tyson has once again found motivation to succeed, and he’s looking to help others now too. Check out the Superbowl ad featuring Mike Tyson and his son Amir, and read on to find out the heart warming story behind it:

YouTube video

Skip to page 2 to find out how the small local company ‘Michael & Son’ managed to land Mike Tyson in their ad…

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