Kratom users testify about the many benefits this product offers to those suffering from symptoms like chronic pain, anxiety, stress, lack of energy, lack of morale, etc. Since Kratom came to the US, many studies still didn’t make clear if it’s as safe as we would want to believe.

Even though Kratom still has a veil of mystery surrounding it, Kratom products on discount are still popular in the US with a continuously growing trend.

The latest question regarding Kratom usage is if it’s safe to combine it with MiraLAX, a laxative designed for everyone above 17 when suffering from constipation.

The combination of two still scares many people, and many ask if they’re safe to use in a combination.

To answer your question, we will talk more about Kratom and MiraLAX and if you’re safe from combining them.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a natural product made from an evergreen tree called Mitragyna speciosa, growing only in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. We get Kratom by sun-drying Mitragyna’s leaves and making a fine powder for consumption.

Even though some prefer to eat Kratom raw, the most popular way in Asia is by brewing hot tea and sipping it slowly. People prefer consuming it in pills and capsules in the US, as it’s the most convenient way to consume, store, and transport Kratom.

We use Kratom to enhance our health. However, in large doses, it acts like an opioid and creates a sensation of getting high. As more people learn about Kratom in the US, its sales grow each year, and many would choose it over conventional medication when treating some of the symptoms mentioned at the beginning of the article.

The problem occurs when we consume Kratom in higher doses, and some people experience constipation, and they have to find a solution for it.

What is MiraLAX?

MiraLAX is a well-known problem solver for everyone suffering from constipation, and you can find it in any pharmacy.

People use MiraLAX when they can’t use the toilet for days, or in some cases, for weeks. It helps them by making a bowel movement and relieving the stress in the stomach that helps them release the stool eventually.

Medical staff uses MiraLAX for cleansing the patient’s bowel before performing a colonoscopy, and it’s pretty common in medical institutions and hospitals.

MiraLAX is a tasteless powder consumed with liquid, and a normal dose for an adult is 17 grams per day. Because some Kratom users experience constipation, they see MiraLAX as a logical solution for their problem.

Constipation creates an unpleasant sensation, and no one likes experiencing it for a few days or weeks. MiraLAX is not so hard to find, and one simple trip to a pharmacy can make your life easy. However, can you mix Kratom and this medication?

Is it safe?

Mixing Kratom and MiraLAX is safe, and you won’t harm your health by taking both simultaneously. However, does it have any effect? Is it all for nothing?

Experts claim that taking both Kratom and MiraLAX at the same time won’t have any effect on your body, and you might continue to experience constipation even though you took an effective medication to deal with it.

Because Kratom and MiraLAX have the opposite effects, they can cancel each other, and you would still be at the start. Therefore, mixing two of them is not such a wise thing to do after all.

The best thing you can do is to stop consuming Kratom when experiencing constipation and switch to MiraLAX as a problem-solver. It’s the only way you would treat your constipation effectively and without any concerns.

We also recommend you visit your doctor before trying MiraLAX or any other product to treat constipation, as he will know best how to help you.

An expert doctor will prescribe the exact dosage you need to take and avoid any unpleasant side effects.

In conclusion

Kratom is one of the fastest-growing trends in the US in recent years, and it’s no wonder that many still don’t know how to behave when using it and experiencing side effects. The only logical solution to constipation is taking a laxative like MiraLAX, but only if you use it correctly.

If you’re experiencing any health issues when consuming Kratom, you should visit your doctor and have yourself checked before trying any medication or treatment.

Don’t try to be a hero because you might end up harming yourself more than any medication could do by itself. Make your health a priority above anything, and consume Kratom in normal doses to avoid any negative side effects.

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  1. Do not use this product Kratom!! My son started using it for anxiety he had 4 seizures because of this product please do not take this it’s highly addictive and you will have withdrawals similar to withdrawals from heroin

  2. It might not work for your junky son. But it saved my life! Kicked fentanyl and everything else with help of Kratom. You obviously do not know what the withdrawals of heroin/opiates are. Comparing it to Kratom Withdrawals is ridiculous and a lie

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