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Crypto has become the most popular investment option in recent years. It is all due to its high volatility that allows for multiplying portfolios amid sharp price fluctuations. However, market trends may be downward, causing significant losses to investors.

The crypto market, like any other market, lives through its up and down periods. They are called “bull” and “bear” trends. The bull trend is when cryptocurrency rates live are climbing up, stimulating investors to buy assets and giving hope for significant earnings. The best market is characterized by a massive drop in crypto values and an outflow of investors selling out their holdings.

What Happened with Crypto Rates in the Last Bear Market Trend?

The last time when the market collapsed was spring of 2022. As a leader in the market, Bitcoin dropped first, pulling all cryptocurrency prices down. Here are some reasons for the collapse:

  • Bad news background
  • The Binance exchange blocked Bitcoin withdrawals for a while
  • FED increased interest rates.

These were the main reasons that shook the crypto market in 2022.

Where Can I Track Crypto Rates Live?

Keeping track of digital assets’ prices is crucial for making a decision on buying or selling them. The key to traders’ success is the ability to read crypto charts and analyze them properly. Based on technical research of crypto rates, it is possible to find historical indicators and patterns and compare them with the period of time, and understand how the asset behaves during different market cycles.

The WhiteBIT crypto exchange offers a convenient interface and comprehensive tools for trading and learning the crypto market. Besides, it has a standalone educational resource with articles and guides – the WhiteBIT blog.

Novice crypto users can practice different trading strategies using a WhiteBIT demo account. For more information on the platform and trading, visit the WhiteBIT official website.

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