It’s as if this referee saw the job Todd Anderson did in UFC 208’s main event and said “I can do worse than that!”.

The video in question took place in the Super Fight League (SFL) in India. Check out the brutal finish in the video below:

Asha Rosa vs. Hanna Kamf

The SFL follows a team-based format, with 8 teams spread out over two divisions. The organization has a television contract with the Fight Network, and ESPN Sport Star in India.

Both fighters came into the bout with a 2W-0L record, but it would be Asha Rosa who would pick up the victory to remain undefeated. Rosa locked in a slick submission and put Kamf to sleep. The only problem was the referee didn’t notice.

Kamf’s cornermen had to scale the fence and run across the cage to break up the fight. Perhaps if Greg Jackson had been a little faster at UFC 208 he could have gotten in between Germaine de Randamie and Holm before the extra-curricular shots landed.

Thankfully, Kamf is fine, having recovered shortly after the fight’s conclusion.

In fairness to the referee, the brain can go six minutes without oxygen…

MMA Refereeing Problem?

The SFL is not a low-level promotion. They have been around since 2012 and is generally considered the best place for India’s top fighters. India has more experience regulating bouts than the state of New York does, so there is little excuse for allowing this to go on.

UFC 208 showcased how sub-standard refereeing can impact the result of a fight, but the video from India illustrates how dangerous it can be. At no point did the referee check to see if Kamf was out, ask her if she was ok, or anything that is expected of a referee in his position.

Check out these videos below of other late stoppages:

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