One of the most electrifying men in sports entertainment sent out a message for Conor McGregor.

After McGregor defeated Jose Aldo and won the featherweight title, he showed grattitude to all of his teammates, family, and supporters. He noted that most people saw the 13 second knockout of Aldo as quick work, but what people don’t realize is that he has been working for his whole life to become a champion.

WWE superstar turned Hollywood mega star Dwayne “The Rock’ Johnson heaped praise on the Irishman on Instagram. Johnson called McGregor classy and respectful in his victory.

Even after his recent loss to Nate Diaz, “The Notorious” continues to receive more and more attention. The list of celebrities and prominent public figures that have supported Conor McGregor includes the likes of Lebron James, Donald Trump, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to name a few. Conor was also featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated prior to his UFC 196 fight.

4 time NBA Most Valuable Player LeBron James also has sent his support to McGregor following the loss to Diaz. LeBron, who is no stranger to criticism, had the following to say about the UFC Featherweight Champ:

“Champions take lumps all the time,” James said. “It doesn’t make you no less of a man, it doesn’t make you no less of a champion because you take an ‘L’. It’s not about how you react in the good of good, it’s how you come back in the great of a loss or a defeat, when people say you’re down.”

“He will be a champion for the rest of his life and no one can take it away from him.”

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