There have been some brutal injuries to occur in the cage, and this list celebrates the top 5 of them.

Considering how violent a sport mixed martial arts is, and how many fights now take place all across the world, it’s actually pretty shocking at how few serious injuries do take place.

An interesting note on this list as that none of the following injuries caused the fighter to retire.  Everyone who is on this list came back from a gruesome injury, and in most cases (definitely not all) the fighter came back stronger than ever.


5. Anderson Silva UFC 168

Silva got knocked out by Chris Weidman at UFC 162, but it was largely in part to his clowning around beforehand, leaving his chin exposed. There was a huge buzz going into this fight, and the anticipation was that we would finally find out if Weidman’s win at 162 was a fluke or not.  That’s not what happened though, at least not really.  Weidman checked Silva’s leg kick, causing Silva to break his fibula and tibia.

It was Weidman’s skill that checked the kick, but Weidman himself even admitted that he probably wouldn’t get the respect he deserves as the guy who finally toppled Anderson Silva.

Silva wouldn’t fight again for over a year.

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