Conor McGregor is in Serious Trouble With New York Police After Assault on Khabib Nurmagamedov’s Bus…

Insane reports have emerged that Conor McGregor is in jail after a crazy attack on Khabib Nurmagamedov’s bus. The ‘Notorious’ was stripped of his UFC lightweight title and has not reacted well to it. Footage has emerged of him showing up at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, with his entourage, before everything escalated.

Nurmagamedov is due to fight for McGregor’s title on Saturday 7 April against Max Holloway. The Russian is one of the most feared opponents in the UFC today. He had a run in with Conor McGregor’s training partner Artem Lobov the other day and it seems to be that McGregor was reacting in defense of his friend.

Lobov is also fighting on the card. The featherweight is taking on Alex Caceres in the prelims. It was expected that McGregor would appear at some point because Lobov is fighting and his former title would be on the line. Most people assumed that Nurmagamedov would be his next opponent, but nobody could guess that this would happen.


When onlookers saw McGregor approaching the venue, excitement was in the air. The Irishman hasn’t appeared in the Octagon since November 2016 when he took the lightweight belt from Eddie Alvarez. Since then he’s fought once, in a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather.

However, money doesn’t make you above the law. Reports are emerging that McGregor has been taken into custody for his crazy actions. The bus contained not just Nurmagamedov, but numerous other fighters on the UFC 223 card. It is believed that Michael Chiesa, another UFC lightweight has suffered a laceration.

This has put Chiesa’s fight with Anthony Pettis in jeopardy. Needless to say, the UFC won’t be happy. But it also has severe legal ramifications for McGregor. This isn’t like when he threw plastic bottles at Nate Diaz, during a press conference. He’s actually caused bodily harm and acted in an indefensible manner.


According to UFC President Dana White, it is all over where McGregor is concerned. UFC reporter Ariel Helwani has been following events and he quoted White saying:

“Conor is in jail. He’s done.”

That sounds as final as it could be. Footage by Karolina Kowalciewicz’s coach, Emil Grzelak has the best view of the insane attack, as can be seen below. It’s not known why McGregor took such radical action, but what is certain is that he is going to pay for it. New York police aren’t like the ones in Ireland.


McGregor’s reaction comes after his tweet to the company earlier in the day after it was announced that he was to be officially stripped. He posted on Twitter a short but clearly unimpressed message, saying:

“You’ll strip me of nothing you’s do nothing c-ts”.

During the attack McGregor was clearly heard to be told to get out of the van. Then he was pulled away by security. Numerous fighters are reported to be shaken up by the dramatic experience. It’s possibly a terrible end to an incredible career. The ‘Notorious’ is living up to his nickname for all the wrong reasons.

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