Most fans were devastated to see the ending of Yan vs Sterling. Although things happen and fighters should just move on. No one would blame Sterling for not opting to fight since he took a viscous knee and he looked fatigued even before the knee.

After the fight, he even threw the belt on the ground, saying he does not want to win the way he did. Usually if the fighter is concussed, they should go to the emergency hospital right away as safety protocol, but for Sterling he still had time to explain the situation with Joe Rogan’s interview. He admitted that he feels the fight was close but knows that Yan was ahead in the scorecard. He then went to the hospital after the interview to check if there were concussions suffered by the winner of the fight. It turns out, there were no concussion but it does not mean that Sterling took the easy way out.

You can not blame Sterling for choosing this path since it was Yan’s choice to throw the knee. Yan also explained the situation that he was confused with the rules, the referee explained that the hand on the ground specifically so he may have thought of it that way.

What is wrong with Sterling’s action is how he is celebrating that he is the undisputed champion. First off, he said he does not want to win it that way then now posts in social media of their after party.

It might have okay to celebrate privately with the family since they worked hard to get there but to post in social media that you are the champion, plus facing off with former champion Henry Cejudo for a money fight is not a good lock. Dana White even confirmed that Sterling vs Yan 2 is the fight to make.

Even Yan reacted with the situation, saying that Sterling celebrated being the champion. Both fighters have an exchange of words.

Although it is not a good look, it certainly makes the fans more excited about the fight. The bad blood is boiling and the rematch is something fans cannot wait. Hope for speedy recovery for both fighters and that the UFC book the fight as soon as possible.

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