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Have you thought about how Mixed Martial Artists become champions? MMA sure has changed a lot, from the underworld start to becoming one of the most favorite combat sports.

Some athlete has risen to fame using their brute strength, leaving a mark for future MMA fans to find. But what does it take to be known in this fierce and body-aching sport?

It’s not an easy path, but these fighters tough it out. So before you sign up at betway zm sportsbook to begin wagering on UFC fights that feature the best MMA fighters, get to know the six best MMA fighters and learn about their success.

Georges St-Pierre

A dominant force in the welterweight division was how Georges St-Pierre, or GSP, was known. He is famous for defeating opponents left and right and was feared to be great at wrestling and punching, making him a well-rounded fighter.

His career has a great run with a record of 20-2, in the UFC. And he won two titles, which shows he’s one of the best fighters in the octagon. George is a great example of fighters who work hard and are smart when bouting for a belt.

Fedor Emelianenko

“The Last Emperor, ” Fedor Emelianenko, is among MMA history‘s best heavyweights. Why? Well, the retired Russian fighter was unbeaten in 31 fights, which shows how good and terrifying he was inside the ring.

Emelianenko was known for his explosive power and strong ground game, which he used to beat many famous opponents in Pride FC. If you’re into the brutal knockout fight, you’ll like “The Last Emperor” in action.

Randy Couture

Randy Couture, also known as “The Natural,” is a famous MMA fighter, and what makes him stand out is how tough he is and how well he can change his game in the ring. He’s really good at wrestling and striking, and that’s why he won five UFC championships in two different weight classes.

Now, here’s the exciting part: Randy once retired but then came back to fight Tim Sylvia, who was way bigger than him. Everyone thought he’d lose because he had just come out of retirement, but guess what? He won the fight, showing he’s a real fighter at heart.

Anderson Silva

If talking about legendary MMA fighters, “The Spider” Anderson Silva’s name will be one of the names you will think first. This Brazilian fighter has reigned supreme in the UFC Middleweight division for a decade, leaving defeated opponents on the ground.

Silva’s 16 consecutive UFC wins and knockouts made him a fan favorite and a frightening opponent. Even as he neared the end of his long career and retired, Anderson is still as strong as ever, and he is remembered as a formidable force inside the ring.

Jon Jones

Meet Jon Jones, often called “Bones,” a heavyweight powerhouse. What sets him apart? He’s not just strong; he’s creative and can change his fighting style on the fly, which is crucial in the ring.

Bones has beaten a bunch of opponents in a row and holds a record for defending his title more times than anyone else in the UFC’s 205-pound weight class. But here’s the kicker: he also jumped up to the heavyweight division and triumphed there.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Now, about “The Eagle,” Khabib Nurmagomedov, he’s a legend in the UFC’s Lightweight division because, guess what? He never lost a fight. His secret? He has crazy good grappling skills and knows how to control the fight on the ground.

His skills and record make other fighters pretty nervous. One of his highlights is when he beat Conor McGregor, which made him famous all over the world. And here’s the big finish: he retired without ever losing a single fight, even after taking down Justin Gaethje.

Impacts of the Champions

Look at these fighters and their MMA journey; you will surely learn valuable life lessons. They have proved that if you work hard and stay determined, you can be successful in both fighting and life. It is a great reminder that striving to be the best is worth pursuing, no matter how hard the path can be.

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