Floyd Mayweather Ready to Shock the World as he Trains for UFC Debut…

If there is one thing that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has in abundance it is self-belief. The 50-0 unbeaten boxer has held multiple titles and created one of the biggest business empires across all sports. His change of nickname from ‘Pretty Boy’ to ‘Money’ shows that the Mayweather brand has always been a confident one.

We all thought he was finished after he defeated Conor McGregor in Las Vegas last August. Beating the biggest star in MMA and generating the second highest number of pay-per-view buys ever, to win the specially created WBA Money Belt, was a great way to go.

But now, at the tender age of 41 Mayweather is on the brink of one of the most stunning chapters in his storied career. The world’s most talented defensive boxer is turning his attention to the UFC.  If it happens it will be one of the most shocking moves in the history of combat sports.

Floyd Mayweather lands a punch on Conor McGregor. Mandatory Credit: Martin Rogers, USA TODAY Sports.


The story has been simmering for the last few months, but really picked up in November. Mayweather appeared to be trolling the MMA world by walking menacingly into an MMA cage and uploading pictures of himself wearing MMA gloves.

Nobody really expected anything to come of it. As has been said, the man is 41 and there’s just so many elements in MMA to learn, that it just didn’t make sense. The American has been linked to a rematch with Conor McGregor, but this time in the octagon. Joe Rogan has said that he would love to see Mayweather face CM Punk.

Screenshot. Mandatory Credit: Twitter.

A Sudden Twist

It turns out it is looking more likely than we thought. Tyron Woodley has already said that he is training Mayweather in grappling. The UFC welterweight champion would be as good a coach as any. When that news broke, many people doubted Woodley’s credibility. He’s been trying to stir up a ‘money fight’ for himself over the last few weeks.

However, Mayweather himself has come out and finally admitted that he’s working towards making an incredible UFC debut. The Las Vegas resident spoke to TMZ and finally spilled the beans.

“I’ll probably need a little bit longer than three months,” Mayweather said. “A little bit longer. Even if it takes six to eight months, whatever it takes, we just want to make sure everything is done correctly, and everything is done the right way.”

Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea, USA TODAY Sports.


Mayweather also has an answer for all those armchair pundits out there doubting his skills. He insisted that he has what it takes:

“I can wrestle. My wrestling game is not that bad. On a scale from one to 10, I would say it’s probably a seven. We can take it up to a nine, if possible. Of course my hand game, on a scale of one to 10, it’s 100.”

Well, there you have it. The man is for real. Of course, it will all depend on whether or not he can come to a deal with the UFC and face an opponent who he can realistically compete with and simultaneously make a ton of cash. Who would you like to see Mayweather face on his UFC debut?

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