WATCH: The Most SAVAGE Finish in BJJ History

By Salvador Sanchez
WATCH: The Most SAVAGE Finish in BJJ History

Perhaps the most brutal finish in all combat sports this year, and one that might give you nightmares…

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu continues to rise as a legitimate competitive sport. Since the early 90’s when the art burst on to the international scene, BJJ has taken the place of striking arts as the premier practiced MMA base.

Thanks to the Gracie family, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a world renowned art. Back in the day, grainy VHS tapes of the Gracies taking on any challenger were every avid fight fans sordid hobby.

Now the UFC and other MMA organizations have made pure combat less taboo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has thrived massively. Among the top competitions is the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, where champions meet champions on the mat.

This year featured an action packed tournament, but the most notable finish came from a man who finished second in his 77KG black belt bracket. His name is Tiago Bravo.

Bravo’s Brutal Loop Choke

Facing off against Korean Youngsu Kim this year, Bravo pulled off perhaps the most savage looking finish ever. As he scrambled for position on his back, Bravo looped Kim’s collar and popped his head out the opposite side of the guard.

As he raised Kim above his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position, the Korean went out cold almost instantly.

Watch the video of the finish below:

Bravo Went on to Win Silver

The top results of the 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, thanks to Flo Grappling:

Adult Male
56kg — In a all against all bracket, João Carlos Kuraoka won both her matches to climb to the top of the podium. He first beat Japan’s Kei Ito 3-0 and then finished Masaaki Todokoro with a choke from the back.

77kg — Roberto Satoshi was out to defend his title and things worked out just fine. In three matches, he first caught Matias Asencio with a triangle/armbar, then finished Kleber Koike also with a triangle to meet Tiago Bravo in the final. The gold medal became reality with a sweep and a 2-0 lead

85kg — The most stacked division saw Isaque Bahiense have a flawless performance to win the gold medal. He met up with also favorite Lucas Barbosa in the semifinals and won by one advantage in a thrilling match. The final was against Jaime Canuto and the decision came down to the last seconds. With a 2-1 lead on advantages, Bahiense secured the title

94kg — Marcos Sousa registered at the last second and made the division even tougher. In two matches, he caught Youngam Noh with an armbar in the semifinals and met up with the talented Adam Wardzinski in the gold medal match. With one sweep, Sousa built a 2-0 lead to win the title.


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LA Convention Center

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