Regardless of gender, if you’re going to sucker punch someone who is not expecting it, you better expect to get the sh*t slapped outta you…

Discussing whether or not it’s fair to ever hit a woman is a sensitive subject. We as a race have moved past the notion of females being the ‘weaker’ sex. Women’s rights, although still a touchy subject, have moved on eons since the days of old.

However, this forward thinking that many possess meets a gray area when violence is involved. Should a man be able to hit a woman if she strikes him first? One common trail of thought is, regardless of gender, you hit someone and they’ll probably hit you back.

The opinion that striking a woman back is unfair appears to conform to the notion that women are weaker. There’s the gray area we discussed, and it leads us nicely on to the topic of today’s article.

Sucker Punch Causes Bitch Slap City

Although the whole story behind today’s video is unclear, one thing is certain-this dude wasn’t taking any sh*t. It was also clear he was not there for a fight, as he calmly walked by his first attacker while using his phone.

As she threw a closed fist punch to his face, all hell broke loose. Ready to throw down, the young man slaps the daylights out of the first attacker before being sucker punched yet again.

Watch the scrap on the video player below. (If it is taking some time to load simply refresh the page, it IS there)

YouTube video

That Boy Got Slaps For DAYS!

Was he wrong for giving back what was dished to him by surprise? According to most of the users on the Reddit forum where this was posted, the attackers had it coming, but the reactions vary:

-Gotta love the entitlement, “I’m just going to punch this guy in the face and then turn my back cause he can’t hit me back” they’re just lucky he only slapped them instead of a full beat down.

-All the posts now are just anti women. There’s no justice or women deserving anything, it’s just unabashed women hate. Even the top post right now is about bringing it back to its roots.

-I mean with a strike to the head, it matters not really about the way your hand is shaped, it matters about the concussive force.

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Obviously with a fist you can do more piercing damage to a specific point and focus all that concussive damage more exactly.

However, there are videos of people doing slap boxing competitions and getting knocked out simply because its the right spot, the button. The problem with palm strikes, is that it also puts your fingers in danger of being snapped or jammed and your hand is a bigger target to block, deflect, or grab. So even if you are doing it, you should be curling your fingers in.

And the bottom half of your palm opposite your thumb is the part of the hand you would be aiming with to do that. Either with a forward jab motion, or with a side hook motion, rarely an uppercut or down motion.

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