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Jon Jones is one of the UFC’s most important figures. Still their youngest champion ever, he’s arguably the greatest MMA fighter of all-time. Sure, he’s looked more like a mortal lately, but most people put that down to a lack of motivation against mediocre opposition.

Since returning from suspension he’s been quite active, fighting four times since December 2018. He had over a year on the sidelines after testing positive for banned substances against Daniel Cormier. Jones’s worst enemy is himself. The light-heavyweight champion has had numerous brushes with the law.

Well, he’s in trouble again. Sources are reporting that Jones was arrested in Albuquerque and charged with aggravated DWI and negligent use of a firearm. This definitely isn’t going to get him back in Dana White’s good books. When you’re a party animal like Jones, social isolating doesn’t come naturally.

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Albuquerque police arrived at the scene to find Jones in a 2019 Jeep. They were responding to reports of shots fired in his vicinity. When they got to his location, they found him visibly inebriated. Then they got him to take sobriety tests, all of which he flunked miserably. Next, he confirmed that he was planning on driving while drunk.

That’s bad enough when you’ve got a record like Jones’s. However, to make matters worse, they found a black handgun and half a bottle of tequila behind the passenger seat. Police arrested and booked him for aggravated driving while intoxicated, negligent use of a deadly weapon and possession of an open container.

As a random note, the tequila brand was Recuerdo. For the uneducated, that’s Jorge Masdvidal’s mezcal.

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The police confirmed that they will be testing the weapon to see if it had been fired. Obviously they will then try and find out what it was used for. One thing that’s for sure, you can’t go off firing a handgun while drunk like that. If true, Jones is definitely going to be in a lot of trouble. Albuquerque Police Communications Director Greg Gallegos said:

“As part of the investigation into this incident, our Gun Violence Reduction Unit will test the firearm and bullet casing to determine whether the gun has been used in any crimes. Reducing gun violence in Albuquerque is our top priority.”

With Dana White obsessed with finding a new location for UFC 249, he won’t be impressed with Jones’s latest mishap. Leopards don’t change their spots.

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Repeat Offender

This isn’t the first time Jones has been in trouble with the law. A strip club waitress accused him of violating her when he was on a night out. That ended with a settlement. There have been multiple streetfights and drug offenses. However, by far the worse incident was when he had a hit-and-run with a pregnant woman. This is just another addition to his ever-extending list.

Only time will tell what the end result of this latest brush with the law will be. He wants to fight soon, with Jan Blachowicz his most likely opponent. However, it’s tough to fight for the UFC from a jail cell. That’s where he’s going to end up.

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