Wow, the UFC really will do anything to sell pay-per-views. The promotion has now created a whole new division for their biggest star Conor McGregor and his equally marketable rival Floyd Mayweather…

The feud between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor continues along it’s strange path. It all started with a couple of social media posts back in 2015, soon spiraling way out of control.

During 2017, the two were scheduled to fight in a boxing match that really shouldn’t have happened. Sheer amounts of money that would go in each man’s pocket, to the Nevada Athletic Commission and the UFC made it possible, though.

After Mayweather was done schooling McGregor in the art of boxing, we thought the whole MayMac saga was over. Until 2018, when Mayweather began talking about making his UFC debut sometime this year.

Around the same time, we heard about new weight divisions potentially being added to the UFC.


You’ve been had!

April Fools!

Well, you really shoulda seen it coming because everyone knows Mayweather vs. McGregor 2 will be for the inaugural women’s lightweight title. Rest assured, your journey here will not be a wasted one.

Being April fools day, there’s some rather hilarious content floating around the internet. Check out what Reddit MMA had to offer in the form of sh*t posts today:

Rogan is SHREDDED!

Poor Joe

Fight of The Century!

conor mcgregor
“Conor McGregor, He can’t hold up the title, can’t hold up the whole division,” White said on the Toucher and Rich radio show (transcribed by Ryan Harkness for Uproxx). “There’s a lot of guys that I have to deal with every day that aren’t worth the aggravation. This kid is worth the aggravation and I have so much respect for him, what he’s accomplished, what he’s done. If he wants to ride off into the sunset with his money for the rest of his life, I don’t blame him. And if he wants to come back and fight, we’ll get him back in. He just can’t hold the division hostage. You take the belt,” he replied. “In any sport, the NBA, the NFL, hockey, whatever it may be. No one guy can hold the whole sport hostage. It just doesn’t happen. When Conor was getting ready for this Mayweather fight, I was already making plans for Conor to never come back. The company and the business goes on, and there will be other stars. The NBA didn’t roll it up and pack it up when Jordan left. And they won’t when LeBron goes either. The list goes on and on.”

Enjoy The Day You F8ckin’ Goofs!

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