Two of the best boxers on the planet discuss the popular/controversial Mayweather vs. McGregor…

Although it’s likely to be one of, if not the biggest selling boxing match ever, Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor is getting some negative attention. Ever since the fight was confirmed for August 26, plenty of people have spoken out against it.

Granted, ‘The Notorious’ is an excellent fighter, but not a boxer. Going up against Mayweather, a technical master and 20-year boxer, is a mammoth task. Some feel that the bout will be very bad for boxing.

For the casual fans it’s awesome, and for the people involved in planning and fighting it’s a huge money maker. Which leads to the point in question-when is a sport more about money than sport? 2017 is the answer, it would appear.

If you thought Mayweather vs. McGregor wasn’t going to happen, you probably underestimated how much money there was to be made…

Top Boxers Speak Up

According to Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez, the MayMac clash is little more than a sideshow. The two top boxers will square off for all the marbles on September 16, and today spoke out against the ‘money fight’ everyone is talking about:

Golovkin’s comments (quotes via Bloody Elbow):

“This is not a fight. My fight with Canelo is a fight. This is show. Conor with Floyd is show — business show or a funny show, or for somebody’s interest show, not for us.

“It’s not for boxing. This is not for boxing. This is for people, for business. My fight with Canelo, this is boxing. This is true fight.

“You know, I respect McGregor [as] a UFC fighter, [but] he’s not a boxer. He’s a good fighter, he’s not a boxer.”

Canelo Alvarez will fight the biggest challenge in the mid-divisions in September…

Sauce Man Says MayMac Sucks

“I’ve been asked that throughout the day in many interviews. I really don’t have a comment about that fight, but I will say this- I think that the fans will speak, they’ll know what to do. They’ll know the difference between a sideshow and a real fight, and they’ll decide what they want to do.”

Having already blasted the fight many times now, the manager of Canelo Alvarez, former champ Oscar De La Hoya trashed it again:

Golden Boy Feels Disrespected By Timing

“It was disrespectful,” De La Hoya said on ESPN’s SportsCenter. “I would have thought that Dana White would have a little more respect with this boxing event taking place, because look, you just don’t do that.

“It’s like having the Super Bowl and then three weeks later the World Series takes place, the final game. It just doesn’t happen. We have the whole year to stage these types of big events. They could have maybe staged it in November or December but, look, it is what it is.

“We have a superfight here. We have a real fight, and that’s exactly what we’re focusing on.”

OK, so having a huge boxing match that will likely generate him millions less than one month later, does Oscar’s opinion come with a bias?

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