One of the biggest problems in Boxing right now is we don’t get to see the fights we truly want to see. Boxers having different promotions, demanding a bigger fight purse, and avoiding other champions is what is destroying boxing. Plus there are too many belts in the division, making it a lot of champions. It always give the question, who is the Undisputed Champion or the best boxer?

Fortunately, Canelo is there to save Boxing, he is arguably the biggest name in boxing right now. Any promoter would go through a lot just to get Canelo under their contract, even DAZN gave him the $365M contract, to which he withdrew since the fights given to him are a handpicked and not what the fighter wants.

Canelo opting out one of the biggest fight contracts, just shows that he is not in it for the money but for his legacy. In an interview, Canelo has said that he can retire right now and still have a lot of income with his great investments.

Canelo decided to rule the super middleweight division, aiming to become the first ever undisputed champion. He only needs one more belt to become the undisputed champion, his next opponent will likely be Caleb Plant, it is on Plant’s side whether he is accepting the challenge. It will surely be Plant’s biggest payday if does accept.

It is now rare to find a boxer like Canelo that is staying active and fighting the best in the division. He has fought the best guys like GGG, Kovalev, Smith and now Saunders. The scary thing is he is doing all of these in a short amount of time. Other who boxers would wait for the their promoter and there would be a lot of issues that might delay the fight.

Canelo is also a smaller fighter compared to the current champions, many thought that the bigger guys would be too much for Canelo, but as it turns out he can take a punch and even land the harder blows against his opponents.

A great example would be Terence Crawford vs Errol Spence Jr, they are clearly the best in their division and both of them are in the top pound for pound list. It is probably the best fight to make right now in terms of skill-wise but due to fight pay issues, we will probably wait a bit more for it to booked.

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