Carlos Condit RETIRES from the SPORT OF MMA

One of the most entertaining welterweights in UFC history, The Natural Born Killer, Carlos Condit has decided to hang his gloves up for good. Condit has had a great MMA career, he has been to a lot of wars against GSP, Diaz, Lawler, and much more great fights.

He had a total of 46 fights in his MMA run, 32 of those were wins. Not bad for a welterweight which is considered by many the hardest division during his run, he was also the fighter almost knocked out a prime George St Pierre. Condit was so close to beating GSP but unfortunately, GSP credit his past losses to survive the adversity.

Carlos Condit managed to win the interim welterweight belt against Nick Diaz but then fell short after losing to George St Pierre. The win against Diaz was controversial as many thought that Diaz won the fight but the judges thought differently.

After George St Pierre’s semi-retirement, the welterweight belt was up for grabs. Obviously, Johnny Hendricks was the front liner to fight for the title since he was the last fighter that fought GSP and controversially won the fight in other’s eyes.

Hendricks vs Lawler was booked for the vacant belt, Hendricks then won the vacant belt but then lost in the rematch against Robbie Lawler. Lawler defended his belt against Rory MacDonald in one of the greatest fights in UFC history.

Condit was then scheduled to be Lawler’s second title challenger. The fight was close but many thought that Condit managed to edge it winning at least three rounds. Sadly, two judges gave the fight to Lawler. It was Condit’s last chance to become the best in the world, but the judges robbed him.

The loss against Lawler for the title hurt Condit’s career. He then went on to have a four-fight losing streak. The loss affected Condit’s future performance, it was sad to see. He was one of the most elite welterweights in the UFC but never got the undisputed title. In the fight that many thought he won, he got robbed by the judges.

There are still many Condit fans despite him not getting the title. One hardcore fan is none other than Michael Chiesa who Condit faced on UFC 232. Chiesa even said that growing up he had the Condit apparel supporting his hero, who knew that they would eventually face each other. He will be remembered for his entertaining style.

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