Chuck Liddell’s Advice for BJ Penn is… Interesting

By Dazzler
Chuck Liddell’s Advice for BJ Penn is… Interesting

It’s Like Being Back in 2006… Chuck Liddell Has Some Words of Advice for His Fellow Warrior BJ Penn…

BJ Penn is going through a rough time right now. Outside the cage, his life is falling apart. His wife has filed for divorce and is seeking custody of their children after successfully managing to get a restraining order against him. It’s a long fall from grace for the former UFC welterweight and lightweight champion.

You also have to go all the way back to 2010 to look up his most recent win. That was against Matt Hughes and was followed up by a draw with Jon Fitch. Since then he’s been on a seven-fight losing streak and is officially booked to take on Nik Lentz on October 18th in Boston.

Now Chuck Liddell has come out with some words of advice for his fellow legend. He thinks the fight needs to be scrapped after Penn got knocked out in a bar fight in Hawaii last week. In an honest interview with TMZ, Liddell didn’t hold back.

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Not Happening

Liddell found out the hard way that MMA is a fickle sport. You’ll be a legend and seem indestructible at one point, but time will always catch up with you. He came back after 8 years on the sidelines to get KOed by Tito Ortiz on Oscar De La Hoya’s sole effort at promoting MMA. ‘The Iceman’ believes Penn can’t fight after getting knocked out on the street.

“I was told he got knocked out,” Liddell said. “If he got knocked out, then I think that cancels the fight. I mean, you’ve got to take some time off after that and recover. He’s going to have to at least postpone it for a little bit.”

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Laugh it Off

As one of the most popular legends in the game, Liddell gets recognized by a lot of fans. Of course, like everybody, he’s had to listen to some idiots but he normally tries to laugh it off. It’s a mature attitude from the former light-heavyweight champion.

“I usually have fun with them,” Liddell said. “I don’t get that problem very much and I usually just joke around with them. I have a good time with it, usually. It just really isn’t worth it at this point.”

Maybe he should give Conor McGregor some counselling too.

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Smash And Grab

Meanwhile, Penn’s upcoming opponent Nik Lentz is clearly worried that the fight is going to get scrapped. That won’t be good for him because while Penn is a shadow of his former self, he’s still the biggest name that he’s ever fought. Lentz actually wants to bring Penn out to his own gym to keep him safe for the fight. In an extraordinary statement he said:

“Number one, you are going to get out of Hawaii. Clearly, there is people there that are not good for you, they are bad influences.” Lentz said (via MMA Mania). “We are going to get you away from that and you are going to come to South Florida and you are going to stay with me.

“After you stay with me, I am going to let you train at my gym. I am going to get you ready for the fight better than anybody has. But I am still going to smash you. I am going to kick the ever-living dog sh-t out of you.”