Ciryl Gane is the opening favorite against Derrick Lewis

With the UFC interim heavyweight title fight announced, The undefeated, Ciryl Gane is opening as a decent favorite against Derrick Lewis according to odd makers. In terms of UFC ranking, Lewis was scheduled to be the title contender since he is currently #2 in the heavyweight.

The UFC initially offered Francis Ngannou to defend his belt on August but declined, so the UFC decided to move on and book Lewis vs Gane. It is worth noting that Lewis and Ngannou fought before with Lewis winning in a lackluster decision. Many thought that the fight end in a knockout, sadly that was not the case as both were to gun-shy to risk getting hit.

Derrick Lewis has been underdog most of his career, yet somehow defies the odds. In his fight with Alexander Volkov, he was losing the whole fight until he landed his dynamite hands. Many also considered Curtis Blaydes as one of the best prospects to be the next champion, due to his wrestling yet Lewis landed an uppercut that put Blaydes to sleep, he was also a heavy underdog in the fight.

As for Ciryl Gane, he has sparred with Ngannou before since both were from France at one point. Gane seems to be a really technical heavyweight that has his striking polished. It is rare to see a heavyweight that moves like Ciryl Gane. Unlike, Ngannou and Lewis where they are considered as the hardest hitters in UFC, Gane could neutralize his opponents or even dominate his opponents.

Yes, Gane could be expected as the favorite but Lewis has shown in the past to upset his opponents. Don’t be too surprised when Lewis knocks out Gane in another classic Derrick Lewis finish. Although Gane also looked really sharp in his last few fight, and has not shown any defensive flaw. It is an interesting matchup that could go in a lot of ways.

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