Online Casino as we know it is a virtual version of the land-based brick and mortar casinos. It is where wagers will go online then choose a site of their choice. Once they have chosen one, they need to register then after a few minutes, they can start playing. Online bettors don’t need to dress up and go out of their comfortable place just to play poker.

The dawn of modern technology and the internet introduced innovation in communication, people’s lifestyle, and even leisure such as gaming and gambling. At first, people were skeptical since there were a lot of issues regarding internet issues such as fraud, cyber thieves, spam, and many others. The good thing here is as time goes by, online game operators opt for the security of their online site to protect their clients, that’s why more and more people are enticed to wage online. Aside from its convenience, people are getting more and more concerned about their health like the case of the pandemic that we have at present, pollution, stress from traffic, crowded places and changing weather are some of the concerns of most people. Not to mention the dangers outside especially if you just come out from the Casinos. Bad guys might think that you have plenty of money from wages, we don’t want to get mugged after having fun, right? So, for gambling enthusiasts, waging online is the best bet for betting.

Speaking of online betting, Finland introduces new online casinos in one of their illustrious online gambling sites like Kasinohai. It is the latest in the city that online betting enthusiasts would surely enjoy. Curious newbies to online waging would truly love their online casinos because they introduce a wide array of meticulously selected games with special features, exciting promos, and bonuses and so much more.

It is good to know that the majority of the online casinos in Finland are reliable, easy to understand yet interactive games, and quite strict in the gambling rules. They may be quite lenient to players and very accessible even to foreign players and are happy to accept real money bets, some gambling in the international online casinos is prohibited by the Finnish online casino laws.

Types of Online Casinos:

No Download Casinos

Also known as Instant play casinos or Flash Casinos are online waging games that are available on the web browser and clients can play with it immediately and they don’t have to install or download the game site. It has become a sensational online game to most on-the-go clients because of its no-fuss and convenience. The player just has to select a site and choose a game that they like, make sure that their internet is fast enough to fully accommodate the game because of its graphics and of course, the latest version of the software. It can be played on all devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. You can also play it on your personal computer at home or in public. If you play it on a public pc, remember to log out properly and don’t forget to save your password.

No download casino is compatible with Adobe Flash, Java, and HTML5 and you can open it to browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

Download-Based Casinos

A download casino is the most typical gambling solution wherein the player has to download the casino software on your device to access your preferred game. Traditional players still opt for this type of online casino because of the unlimited choices of games that they offer, graphics, and some attractive features.

A player can download casino games on any device that they are using but before that, they have to check first if their Antivirus and Anti Malware software are working properly and if it is updated. One has to be responsible for not only protecting oneself but also the site. Online casinos deal with money and most cyber-criminals have their way of overriding security systems so we better have it checked first before downloading.

Once satisfied, choose a casino free download application, download the casino client (it usually takes 15 minutes to download), install, open the casino site, register, make a deposit, check for the promos and bonuses and then, enjoy the game.


Bonuses and promos are more like a welcome gift to newly signed up clients for them to truly enjoy the game more using the amount that they deposited plus the freebie that the online gambling site gave. Once they have enjoyed the game as well as the site, they will play more of the game and eventually become an avid client of the site. Since the client has already gained the reputation of being one of the players on this particular gambling site, the online company will reward the client with another type of bonus for being loyal to them. It might be a different type of bonus compared to the previous one but it’s still a bonus and should be enjoyed. The client can also be given some promos later on during the game if they have achieved a certain goal in the game that they are playing.

We have different types of bonuses namely:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Game-Specific Bonus
  • Device-Specific Bonus
  • Reload Bonus
  • Refer Bonus
  • High Roller Bonus
  • VIP Bonus
  • Monthly Bonus and promotions
  • No Deposit Bonus

Rogue Online casino

Rogue Casinos or online gambling operators who practice fraudulent behavior towards their client is, unfortunately, existing in an online gambling business which is quite contrary to land-based casinos. Some Rogue casinos offer misleading promos in their advertisements. Once signed up and the client wins, they refuse to pay withdrawals for many reasons.  Sometimes they don’t respond to customer’s complaints and change RTP (Real-Time Payment) rules. Some of them are not transparent to their customers with regards to RTP and legalities.

For beginners of online gambling, one should be very keen with regards to this matter for the world of gambling is vast and not all of them are good eggs. Some online companies intend to deceive their players to gain more money and not play fair.

What are the signs?

First, they don’t pay on time to the client or sometimes they don’t pay at all. Second, issues and fairness in RTP. All online casino games have RTP. RTP stands for Real-Time Payment and it is the percentage that a client is expected to get or to be returned after the game. If the customer plays for hours and has still not received any payment, then the RTP might be too low and the casino’s RNG (Random Number Generators) might be fraudulent. The client can review the casino’s audit firm’s report and if you cannot find one, you can report them online and end your transactions with them immediately. Other signs that a beginner should check are their advertising if it is accurate or not. If once signed up and the customer noticed they have been receiving spam mails, then it is a red light. Legit online casinos do not send spam emails. The last one, check their security and license. It is our responsibility to learn about which online gambling site we are into and if it is worth our time, money, and effort.

In general, following the trend these days when it comes to convenience, virtual online gambling is still the best choice for most online players who want to be entertained.

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