Just when you thought he’d never come back…

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor once again stands poised to face welterweight Nate Diaz, this time at UFC 200 After falling to Diaz on just 11 days notice at UFC 196, there’s been many questions asked about ‘The Notorious’ in the time since.

One such point that has been debated by many is the timeline on McGregor’s return to featherweight. He defeated Jose Aldo by 13 second knockout at UFC 194, but has yet to fight again at 145 pounds.


After taking quite a slapping from Nate Diaz in their first meeting on March 5, many expected McGregor to head back to his title at featherweight. The Irish star was linked to a rematch with Aldo, also a potential burner with Frankie Edgar, but neither came to be.

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With him fighting again at welterweight, many fighters and fans have voiced their massive displeasure in this decision, but now McGregor’s manager has some big news on his next fight after Diaz…


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