Today’s video features a US Green Beret vs. a special forces officer from Peru, in a fight that turned out to be one of the most brutal spectacles ever. We’ve seen many street fights and such likes end with a knockout or even some submissions, but this was very different.

When you have trained killers, not just fighters, but actually lethal weapons facing each other, things can get pretty nasty. In this particular case, the exact details of the finish are only made clear in an interview we’ve found from one of the men involved.

Here’s some background on the two fighters involved:


The US Army green beret veteran is trained in Kung Fu, and the Peruvian special forces officer is a Karate based fighter. They faced each other in a ‘no rules’ fight, and the Green Beret was the one who came out on the good side of the fight.

Read his own words describing the fight from, then watch the video in full straight after:

“The eyes are my favorite target, for a lot of reasons. What you couldn’t see in this video was that we were fighting in a human circle, surrounded by support staff and other peruvian special forces soldiers. I was there alone, with nobody to watch my 6.

The intent on the straight finger to the eye was to freeze his base, and try to get him to pull his head back, which is what usually happens. In this case, he didn’t pull his head back because he had already fully committed to his movement.

I felt squishy material on my finger, and realized my finger was buried in his eye socket (where the infratrochlear nerve is) and based on the sound, and his reaction, I thought his eye popped out….

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