Two of the most popular UFC fighters are going at it at Twitter once again, as Conor McGregor pokes at Nate Diaz to which Diaz responds. Are they setting up the trilogy that most fans wanted? They are 1-1 as far as rivalry and both are coming off a loss as well. It is the perfect time to set up the trilogy.

McGregor used the iconic “Scarface” moment of Diaz being a cockroach. It is the first strike thrown and Diaz did not like it.

Diaz saying that McGregor is not yet fit to fight, so why is he talking trash to Diaz. McGregor is still injured after his trilogy with Dustin Poirier and might need time off before he steps inside the Octagon. As for Diaz, he came off a loss against Leon Edwards, he was bloodied up but that happens every time he fights.

It may not be a title fight but it will surely go up as one of the biggest PPV fights of all time. Both are household names and what better way to end a rivalry with a trilogy? Diaz has said that he gave the rematch, so it makes sense to have the trilogy. The rematch was also a close fight as both had their moments.

UFC may book it as both parties are willing to face each other, it may be a money fight but it will also gauge on where both fighters are right now in their career. What is interesting is both fighters are 1-3 in their last 4 and are coming off with back-to-back losses. Should the UFC book it? If so, at what division?

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