When Diego Sanchez fought Clay Guida in a UFC lightweight main event, Joe Rogan predicted fireworks. No one expected the all time classic war that went down, and Rogan couldn’t control his excitement…

For those of you who are new to the world of mixed martial arts, the two biggest names in the sport haven’t always been Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor. So many more fighters have shed blood on the canvas in the time since MMA was westernised back in the 90’s.


There used to be a time that just turning up and putting on a great fight was enough to win the hearts of fans around the world. Long before the theatrics and trash talking took over, there were guys like Don Frye, Clay Guida and Diego Sanchez putting on these incredible slugfests for our entertainment.

Here’s one such amazing war, as Sanchez and Guida collided at the Ultimate Fighter USA vs. UK finale back in 2009. Watch as Joe Rogan just completely goes nuts when they start swinging for the fences.

YouTube video

If you recognise Diego Sanchez’s fighting style, it’s probably because he had a very similar fight with Gilbert Melendez, only it happened much more recently.

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