Conor McGregor announced his retirement from the sport via twitter less than 48 hours ago. The cryptic tweet was initially thought to be a troll job, with many other fighters and fans saying that it was a publicity stunt for the epic UFC 200 card. Later that day, UFC President Dana White confirmed the news on SportsCenter. White said that McGregor had in fact retired because he did not want to fulfill the press obligations needed for UFC 200.



According to White, The Irishman was training in Iceland for his rematch against Nate Diaz, and simply told Dana White that he was not going to be in Las Vegas for the promotion, and instead wanted to continue with his training.

Multiple media outlets refused to believe that story and decided to try and dig deeper as to what the cause was for McGregor’s absence. When McGregor was contacted for a statement, he was quoted as saying: “I’m retired, fuck interviews.” A handful of reports from anonymous sources came into the spotlight as a result of this, with many of them saying that the issue was not about the press obligations, but that Conor had asked for $10 million to fight and the UFC had called his bluff.

McGregor may not get his rematch with Nate Diaz after all

Finally, Notorious tweeted that he will make a statement shortly.


An hour later, he released a full statement of his perspective on the fiasco via his official Facebook Account

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