Conor McGregor has signed on to be apart of the next season of Game of Thrones. Seriously. I have no idea why this isn’t bigger news. After becoming a 2-division champion in the UFC, Conor McGregor is now looking to become ruler of the 7 Kingdoms.
He is now looking to conquer both real and fictional worlds. This is not a normal man.

the Sun
the Sun

Conor McGregor and Game of Thrones (GoT) could not fit together better. While the show “Vikings” might have also sufficed, GoT has a much more diverse universe for him to conquer. It is not altogether clear what kind of role Conor will have on the show however.

If HBO is smart, they’ll make sure he is at least visible. If they are really smart they will just let him do whatever he wants and then edit it as best they can to have it make sense.

Here are the top 5 characters on the show for him to fight (and one honourable mention dream-fight)


5. Conor McGregor vs. Jon Snow

This is the only guy Conor might face who has a stronger chin than Nate Diaz. Jon Snow literally came back from the dead to win a fight. Not even Nate can say he did that.

If Conor keeps knocking Snow out only for him to come back to life, he could gas out mid-way through the second again. To counter this, Artem Lobov is going to have to take out Melisandre before she can bring Jon Snow back from the dead.

In the show Jon Snow entered into a wild relationship with Ygritte, a member of the free folk who live north of the wall. In real life the two actors have been dating on and off. Rose Leslie, the woman who played Ygritte, is actually born to Scottish royalty.

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