Conor McGregor couldn’t keep away from the spotlight even if he tried. The MMA superstar who broke his leg earlier this year was sidelined for a long while, with nothing but checking out Vwin EPL odds and sharing various things on social media to do. His return to the ring was highly anticipated – he was expected to do a charity bout in a wheelchair this September (that he delayed, after all, as he is still recovering). Even though he doesn’t fight in the ring, he does so with his words – he made the headlines praising Kellie Harrington for her performance at the Summer Olympics and mocking Khabib Nurmagomedov’s “ring girls” comment. For those of you who don’t know, the Russian fighter called ring girls “the most unnecessary people in martial arts”, questioning their role and function in the sport.

Now, the time for McGregor to reignite his feud with Nate Diaz has come, after his brother, Nick Diaz lost on his return to the UFC.

Nick Diaz stopped by Robbie Lawler

UFC 266 ended in the surprise defeat of Nick Diaz at the hands of Robbie Lawler, the fighter who Diaz has defeated 17 years before the rematch. Diaz did pretty well in the first few rounds but his body – and his motivation? – betrayed him less than a minute into the third round: a well-placed right hook dropped him on his knees.

McGregor: praise and ridicule

The loss of the fight by Nick Diaz was, apparently, the opportunity Conor McGregor was waiting for to reignite his feud with rival Nate Diaz on social media.

At first, it was praise:

But then, from praising Nick Diaz he turned to mock his brother, Nate.

“Nate your boxing is p*ss compare to nicks. We have been fed garbage with your sloppy shots the last few years. Can see the clear difference between the two brothers after last night. Balance, composure. Another level the big bro is on to you. I made you.”

Nate Diaz and Connor McGregor fought twice – at UFC 196 in 2015, and UFC 202 in 2016 respectively. In the second match, McGregor avenged his submission defeat with a majority decision win.

Nate Diaz’s response to McGregor was short and on point: “U can’t fight at all member your leg?”

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