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Former UFC Light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones just got arrested a few moments after giving a great Hall of Fame speech. At this point, it is just not surprising that Jones got into trouble again, considering how many times he headlined news because of his wrongdoings.

UFC President Dana White shared his reaction to Jones’s incident, he said that Jones being in Vegas is not a good idea because there are a lot of temptations like going to strip club, drinking, and partying and we are all aware of how Jones parties.

Although MMA fans should not kick Jones when he is down, instead people should lend a hand especially when he is at this stage of his life. Many consider Jones as probably the most talented fighter of all time, Jon Jones always gets into trouble. This is not the first time we heard Jones getting arrested, he has had hit and run charges, DUI, testing positive for PEDs, and now domestic violence.

The reports show that Jones’s fiance Moses had a bit of blood in her and when asked if Jones went physical with her, she said yes. Jones hitting her fiance, even their own daughter told the security to call the cops.

According to police, Moses had blood “around her lips, chin and all over her sweatshirt” along with a swollen lower lip, with officers stating she “seemed scared to even talk about” Jones.

It is truly saddening to see Jones in this tough spot, he could have been the greatest fighter of all time but his actions outside the Octagon are just ruining his legacy at this point.

We may have not heard any statement from Jon Jones himself but hearing the side of the police and his fiance, it is not looking good. Jones is charged with domestic violence and even headbutting a car that left a dent.

The police also interviewed Jones on what happened, and Jones claims that he did not go physical with his fiance but planned to bring $10,000 to a strip club in Vegas. He even joked about taking on the police but later apologized after hearing that the police could tase him if he somehow resists.

Jon Jones has not fought inside the Octagon since his fight with Dominick Reyes back on 8 February. Obviously, fighting right now is not his top priority as he needs to focus on fixing the problem he has right now which are the charges. Jones later posted in his Instagram story that he plans to stop drinking and focus on getting better.


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