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Cris Cyborg has been quick to respond to her failed drug test which was announced earlier today…

After years of persecution from the UFC, Cris Cyborg finally entered the octagon this year. Even UFC president Dana White had been part of the mockery of Cyborg, joining with Ronda Rousey to publicly bash the Brazilian.

Once she joined the UFC, Cyborg let out all that emotion on the face of her opponents. Scoring two quick knockouts in 2016, Justino did not have an easy go of it. Forced to fight at 140 pounds, Cyborg was told there would be no featherweight division for her.

lowkick MMA
lowkick MMA

Cyborg’s USADA Test

Having already failed a drug test for steroids in 2011, Rousey and co. mocked her and claimed she was a ‘man in drag.’ Pushing through these hard times, it was refreshing to see her sign to the UFC.

Then came the opening of the women’s featherweight division. After being told there was no chance of it happening, Cyborg wasn’t even invited. The inaugural title fight would feature Holly Holm vs. Germaine Da Randamie.

Then came today’s USADA results.

from MMA FIghting
from MMA Fighting

Cyborg’s Statement

Talking to, Cris Cyborg said her failed USADA test is a result of medically prescribed substances. She also says that it’s a direct result of the brutal weight cut forced upon her by the UFC twice this year:

“What I can say now is that they are talking to my doctor, and I’m calm,” Cyborg said. “Everybody knows I’m sick, that I’m recovering from the weight cut I had to do for the fight. What is happening is post-weight cut. Everybody knows I’m sick. They are talking to my doctor to solve this the best way.

“It’s nothing bad. I’m on medical treatment.”



Similar occurances have gone down in the past with mixed results. Yoel Romero recently got a reduced sentence for confirmed tainted supplements. Then again, Lyoto Machida was banned far more harshly and his case was far more controversial. So who knows…

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