This isn’t the 1st time somewhat has insulted Cyborg’s appearance…

On Saturday night, Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino proved once again she is the most dominant woman in the world at 145lbs. Not long after, she would once again have to fend off insults about her appearance and criticisms regarding her prior use of performance-enhancing drugs.

It’s nothing new for Cyborg, she’s been dealing with insults and accusations from Dana White, Ronda Rousey, Angela Magana, and many other MMA personalities and pundits over the years. There is no reason why this would change following her victory over a game Holly Holm at UFC 219.

Perhaps the most notable case of an MMA personality insulting Cyborg’s appearance was in 2014 when Dana White famously described her as looking like “Wanderlei Silva in a dress and heels”.

“I said when I saw her at the MMA awards she looked like Wanderlei Silva in a dress and heels and she did, didn’t she not? Who wants to dispute that she didn’t look like Wanderlei? She got up and she was walking up the stairs jacked up on steroids beyond belief and she looked like Wanderlei Silva in a dress and heels!”

YouTube video

Dana White on Cyborg: Wanderlei Silva in a Dress

Wanderlei Silva has yet to respond publically to the comparisons…

Now a member of the Jackson-Wink team has joined the ranks of those who have insulted Cyborg. Photographer, Mark Aragon took to social media following UFC 219 and insinuated the women’s featherweight champion is actually a man.

Check out Jackson-Wink photographer, Mark Aragon’s, comments regarding Cyborg in his Instagram post below:

Jackson-Wink Team Member Calls Cyborg a Man

The photographer associated with the Jackson-Wink team left the following remarks in his post’s comments section:

“This dude (Cyborg) is tough as hell! That being said, at the press conference, he said Holly is the 1st one to make his nose bleed! You are my hero @HollyHolm see you back in the gym! #UFC219”

Aragon’s phrasing offered the insinuation Cyborg is male.

Cyborg issued the following response below:

Cyborg Responds

After the backlash to their photographer began, Team Jackson-Wink issued the following sorry-not-sorry response:

“In response to our media person’s recent Instagram remark about Cyborg, there is a backstory as to why he made his comment. After Cyborg’s victory, she was heard backstage by our media guy calling Holly a “B**ch” and laughing at a photo depicting her own toe in Holly’s eye. They were heard mocking Holly’s performance. Our media guy was defensive of our fighter and space and he used Cyborg’s past history of steroid use in a knee-jerk response. We were unaware of all the backstage talk and his response on a public forum until yesterday. He regrets putting JW in this position. We don’t condone putting others down. Congratulations to Cyborg and her team and we look forward to a rematch.”

Aargon has also issued an apology since his original post. Cyborg responded that she accepts Aragon’s apology but wishes he has his press credentials revoked for future UFC events.

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