Cro Cop will not be a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience anytime soon…

Rizin fighter, Mirko “Cro Cop” Filopovich, is fuming at Joe Rogan today. The veteran of Pride posted a vlog post recently and went off on the popular UFC commentator.

Rogan is no stranger to being criticised by fighters. In most cases, however, when a fighter is angry with Rogan, it has to do with something he said while commentating on their fight. Such was the case earlier this year when Cody Stamann took issue with what he called biased-commentary from Rogan and Daniel Cormier in his fight from UFC 216:

“As soon as it came out, I watched it,” Stamann said. “I had my phone hooked up to my Bluetooth, I was with a few people and I was listening to the commentary, and now by the end of the first round I was frustrated enough to want to throw my phone through a wall after what they were saying. They were talking about Duquesnoy, where he trains, and I’m taking him down, hitting him with combinations and they’re not saying anything about that. I felt like Daniel Cormier and Joe Rogan owe me a little bit of an apology.”

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Joe Rogan on Mirko Cro Cop

In this case, the comments Cro Cop is upset with has more to do with stories shared on Rogan’s podcast. It appears, Rogan and company repeated stories about Cro Cop and Pride FC on his podcast that Cro Cop disputes.

Rogan has praised Cro Cop previously on his podcast but evidently, Cro Cop has focussed more on the negative comments he has heard on the podcast. While Rogan has talked respectfully of Crop Cop, he has also mentioned the fighter may have left UFC for Rizin so he could use “Mexican Supplements”. Rogan and friends have also made several comments in the past alluding to Pride FC not exactly being the most up-standing athletic sporting promotion. These comments appear to have struck a chord with Cro Cop.

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Mirko Cro Crop’s Rizin Career

Cro Cop’s frustrations with Joe Rogan haven’t hurt his MMA career any. The 43-year-old has won his last 6 fights, including his last 5 in Rizin. He’s defeated Hyun Man Myung, King Mo, Baruto Kaito, Amir Aliakbari, and Tsuyoshi Kohsaka so far in the Japanese-based promotion.

Cro Cop and Wanderlei Silva are tied for the most finishes in Pride FC history with 16 each.

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Cro Crop Goes Off on Joe Rogan

Cro Crop’s frustrations appear to be over comments Rogan and his guests have made regarding Pride, stories of printed money, etc.

Here is a translation of Cro Crop’s comments towards Joe Rogan:

“He angered me, you know, he’s so rude, X times they grab me, start with something positive and then turn to something negative. First they talked that I was carrying millions of dollars in suitcases from Japan, which is physically impossible, I was watching like ‘wtf they are talking about, are they crazy?’ Then someone who was with him on the podcast said that he was in some kind of a vault and saw it. What vault, man? That was never practice in Pride. I mean, to talk about something like that, I don’t even want to mention the other things he talked about me! He always, always has something to tell… his hair would grow back if I’d slap him, don’t even think about the podcast. He was very, very dear to me, but now his on embargo (ban) for me.”

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